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Business of Papermaking© (BOP)

This highly interactive, one-day training course supplies answers to the question, “How do my decisions and actions – minute-by-minute, 24/7/365 - impact the profitability of my mill?”

Those who attend the Business of Papermaking (BOP) will understand how the Profit & Loss Account relates to the world of papermaking and how they cause the Bottom Line to result from the Top Line.

Our job, as operations people, is very simple - we must conserve as much of the top line whilst running our processes to make our products, thereby generating the bottom line. Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is clearly at the forefront of everyone's minds but they don't always consider or appreciate how the £s are being put to work as we optimise OEE.

So, BOP shows participants how the money flows through the production pipeline and what they can do to retain as much of it as possible and prevent it from being wasted. Papermaking is therefore a bit like a money merry-go-round.

It is not just the bottom line that we cause to happen; we also strongly affect the top line. Many think that this is the province of the commercial people alone! By ensuring the product is made right first time and on time, we provide the sales people with everything they need to go out into the marketplace and sell with confidence, particularly when your customers are using every trick in the book to secure a lower purchase price.

We will show the price of everything in the production pipeline, whether physical raw materials (fibrous and non-fibrous), machine consumables (clothing), energy (steam, power), air, vacuum, etc. Participants will think about the £ efficiency of each step of the process and old, customary ways of working will be put under the spotlight.

Knowing the £s is one thing; knowing how to get the most out of each £ is something else. This requires knowledge and understanding of the technology, science and operating practices. Therefore along with the workings of the money merry-go-round, we will also reveal the technological and scientific principles of papermaking that are at work so that you will know what you should expect from your process.

The course therefore has something for everyone: financial/commercial insights for those who are already competent paper technologists; technology and science insights for those who are financially/commercially aware; and both commercial/financial and technology/science insights for those who would benefit from some of each.

You will go away from the event with a simple personal action plan which, when implemented, will enable you to quickly make a difference and bring about a return on your investment of time and money in attending BOP.

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