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Developing Leaders and Managers to become more successful at managing their processes and leading their teams of people.

Leadership & Management Development #01

The 'Seven Strengths' has been conceived and developed by Tim Watts and launched in 2014. It is the product of his managerial training and experience, extensive reading and research and his professional work with all levels of managers since 1997, whether providing training, coaching or facilitation. Much has been gleaned by simply speaking with managers, over the years, about their roles, experiences, frustrations and successes.

We were taught at school that the seven colours of the rainbow combine to produce white light. The premise of the ‘Seven Strengths’ is that these same seven colours, when operating at full power, produce white hot managers.

A stronger bottom line is delivered when managers enable their teams of people to perform more effectively. Most people can perform at a significantly higher output when the things that stop them performing are removed – it’s the frustrations within a job that inhibit people’s achievements.

The ‘Seven Strengths’ provides managers (at all levels) with the universal principles that underpin human behaviour and a toolkit of practical skills and techniques which, when deployed, will build momentum and get results.

Delivered as a 2.5 day programme, the ‘Seven Strengths’ enables participants to explore each of the strengths, put them into practice, and take away their own personal action plan, within their 100-page manual.

1-2-1 coaching, at monthly intervals, is highly recommended to reinforce the learning and debrief the outcomes of the tools being used in the workplace.

Our experience shows that people develop strength, harness energy, unleash power, build momentum and get results when putting the 'Seven Strengths' to work.

To view the 2.5-day programme, click on the icon below.

Leadership & Management Development #02

To view a series of slides depicting the elements and activities of the Seven Strengths, click on the icon below.

Leadership & Management Development #03

Your Production Pipeline

Applying the 'Seven Strengths' to the managerial layer of your production pipeline will cause everything to flow more freely.

Leadership & Management Development #04

We are finding that 'Seven Strengths' is acting as an accelerator for business improvement initiatives, including Continuous Improvement.

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