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Coaching for Results

Helping Managers become more successful..... in managing their processes and leading their teams of people.

Coaching is about action and results, based upon a firm foundation of growing awareness and responsibility.

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide ranging as the individuals involved. Managers report that coaching positively impacted their work roles as well as their lives by helping them to:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Gain more job and life satisfaction

  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organisation

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

  • Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)

  • Communicate more effectively

  • "Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us: concentrate our energy."
    -- Denis Waitley, motivational coach

    With neither authority nor direct accountability, the coach's greatest ambition is to profoundly affect the way that the manager thinks and behaves.

    Managers need a safe and supportive place to explore and refine their ideas. Coaching meets this need and presents managers with an opportunity to engage in a dialogue of reflection and development. When managers have no one to talk to, there is no tested or evolved dialogue and the opportunity to look at issues from various perspectives is missing. In all these ways, coaching is supportive of managerial and organisational learning.

    Coaching provides a platform for practical action which is goal orientated.

    We are experienced performance coaches, for whom confidentiality, honesty and integrity are key values.

    Agreed outcomes are guaranteed when each stakeholder delivers on their upfront commitments.

    To discuss the benefits of coaching for you and your organisation call 07834 712092 or contact Tim Watts.

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